While working towards my 2022 exhibition Life Stories at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable I began to make collaged pieces using materials I already had in the studio. I recycled proofs of old prints which had collected in the plan chest over the years, tearing them up and using them to make three large circular pieces for the exhibition, so that each of them retains echoes of my earlier work.



In the same way I used my old prints as textures for a flock of sixty collaged cranes to fly around the upper walls of the gallery. See more here


Earth Angels

Later in 2022, in response to the daily onslaught of desperate national and international news, I began a new series of work which I call Earth Angels. See more here


One of the themes of  Life Stories was the cyclical pattern of growth and decay of all living things. I followed the life cycle of an Amaryllis plant in a series of drawings, etchings and collages. See more collages here