Journey to the Seven Stars

About the project

I have practised and taught T’ai Chi for over 40 years, and it has guided and supported me throughout my adult life. My teacher Pytt, (Gerda Geddes) made a special study of the origins of the names and symbols of the T’ai Chi sequences and developed her own personal expression of them as an allegorical journey through life.

In due course I wrote a story of Everywoman’s mythical life journey, from childhood to death and beyond, woven around Pytt’s allegory. The story then led me to the images, which gradually developed into the suite of etchings, inspired by what I learnt from Pytt. Everyone has their own journey and their own story. The archetypal symbols in my prints leave space for each person’s interpretation, and may well resonate with the viewer’s own experience.

The etchings were made on zinc plates and printed in my studio on my 1960’s Littlejohn etching press. Each print measures 20 x 15 cm, and is in an edition of 20.


The book – Journey to the Seven Stars incorporates both the story and high quality reproductions of the prints.

Paperback, 40 pp, A5 format :  £9.95 each + £3 UK postage for up to three copies

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